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Academy Uniform

The wearing of full Albion Academy uniform is expected as an important part of the Academy ethos which promotes positive attitudes, high standards and a sense of personal pride.
Students are expected to look neat, tidy and business like at all times. We welcome parental support in ensuring that students adhere to this expectation.

Mobile phones are not permitted on site.

Boys and girls wear the same uniform, except that girls may wear an academy skirt if they wish:
Black school blazer with school logo. This is compulsory for all students. Blazers should be clean and tidy and in good repair. All students are expected to wear their blazers as they come into school in the morning and throughout the day. Sweatshirts, hats, scarves and hoodies are not allowed; they will be removed and placed in Student Services until the end of the day.

  • A school jumper
  • White shirt with long or short sleeves
  • Academy tie
  • Plain black school trousers (jeans/chinos/lycra trousers are not allowed)
  • Plain black/white tights or socks
  • Black shoes (Shoes with coloured soles/stripes or white soles are not acceptable, this includes Vans and Kicker boots)
  • A suitable school bag that is big enough to hold books and an outdoor coat (not a plastic drawstring bag)
  • Plain outdoor coat or jacket

Girls who prefer to wear a school skirt must ensure that it is a branded school skirt. The skirt may be worn with black or white ankle socks.

PE Kit Requirements

  • Albion Academy badged black polo shirt.
  • Performance training and team wear (quick dry) shorts.
  • Black or white tennis/ankle style sports socks.
  • Trainers suitable for use on the sand based AstroTurf.
  • Students are permitted to wear the following items in cold weather (please note that this applies to the autumn and spring terms only and does not apply in the summer term);
  • Plain black jogging bottoms.
  • Black base layer style/thermal leggings worn underneath Performance training and team wear (quick dry) shorts.
  • Plain black jumper or hoodie.

PE Kit

  • PE kit is available to buy from the school Finance office between 08:15 - 15:30
  • Junior or (up to age 13 or 32/34) - T-shirt £8, shorts £8, bought together as a kit £15
  • Senior (age 14+ or 36/38+) - T-shirt £9, shorts £9, bought together as a kit £17

PE Additional Information

  • Fashion trainers / pumps are not suitable for PE.
  • All PE kit must be clearly named.
  • Students will be expected to take personal responsibility for collecting items which have been left in changing rooms.
  • Un-named / unmarked items will be put into lost property in Student Reception and retained until the end of the term.
  • Students excused from PE with a note from a medical professional MUST bring suitable kit to allow them to participate as officials, coaches or sports leaders.
  • Students with long hair are required to tie hair back for health and safety purposes.
  • Students wearing jewellery (including earrings) are required to remove jewellery items for health and safety purposes.
  • In some activities students wearing spectacles are required to remove these for health and safety purposes.
  • Information for Key Stage 4 Students
  • Students in year 11 are allowed the privilege of additional flexibility with their PE kit. They are permitted to wear a suitable plain black sports t-shirt or polo shirt and plain back shorts, jogging bottoms or leggings.


Extreme hairstyles are not permitted, This will be at the Academy’s discretion, If you would like any more information please contact your child’s year director.

The following is NOT permitted

  • Hair which as been dyed an extreme colour such as pink
  • Styles where lines and / or shapes are cut into the hair
  • Hair extensions

Hair should be clean, well brushed neat and of a natural colour.
Hair should not cover the face. Any hair accessories must be discreet either of black or white in colour.

Jewellery & Make-Up

A wristwatch may be worn; students are not allowed to wear any other jewellery including rings and/or bracelets, or have any visible tattoos.

Students wearing any make-up will be asked to remove it.

Religious Observance

Students whose religion requires them to cover their heads with a scarf or cap are permitted to do so, as long as it is in plain black or white and does not hide the face.


Students are expected to take responsibility for their belongings. The Academy cannot take responsibility for personal items that are lost. All items of clothing should be named/marked (especially PE kit, coats and blazers).