Covid-19 Information Archive

Here is where you will find older information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic posted by the school.

Year 10 Broadcast 10th June 2020

Half-Term Closure and Key Worker Provision

Posted 22/05/2020 15:40

Please note that the Academy will be closed to students from Monday 25th May until Friday 29thMay. The provision for families of key workers will therefore recommence on Monday 1stJune. If you wish to access supervision from that point please let us know via the parent support email Information regarding a potential reopening for Year 10 students will be sent directly to parents and available on the website from next week.

Mr O’Brien 

Letters for Y10 & KS3 Students 14/05/2020

Half Term 5 Parent Checklists

The parent checklist provides an overview of the remote learning that has been set for your child to complete this term. It is broken down into weekly learning tasks for each of their subjects.

The aim of this checklist is to enable you to effectively monitor the work your child is being set and to indicate if they require any support from their subject teacher to complete.

News Update

Posted 05/05/2020 07:40

Returning to school.

As we know there is much speculation currently about when schools across the country will be returning. Whilst we are expecting some further guidance this week, currently there are no immediate dates for a return.

We have begun our planning to ensure that we are ready to welcome back students in whatever format the government directs. Central to our planning is to ensure that we are able to adhere to strategies such as social distancing, which are likely to in place for some time. 

We would reassure parents that we are giving these elements careful consideration so that when a return to the Academy becomes a reality we will be able to practically operate whilst following government guidance carefully and sensitively.


We are today launching a ‘Padlet’ that will aim to bring all the latest information for parents and students into one place. The Padlet will be updated everyday and will replace the weekly newsletter. Please let us know if there are any specific things you would like us to add. The link is below and will be viewable on most devices.

Weekly challenge. 

The Padlet highlights how we are continuing to set and support work for students. Please continue to use the email address on the website if you or students require support. 

It is really important that students try to compete the work as best they can during the current situation. We also recognise that staying fit and healthy are really critical. Each week we will now be setting a challenge for our students and families to complete. The weeks winners will receive Love to Shop Vouchers. This weeks challenge is to simply send us the best landscape picture taken during our daily exercise. We will be sharing all the photos on our website and on Twitter. 

Newsletter 03

Posted 27/04/2020 11:50

We are pleased to announce the the third of our weekly parental newsletters is now available from the link below, this edition has information about how we are continuing to evolve our remote learning practices and the launch of our new YouTube channel.

Newsletter 02

Posted 20/04/2020 11:25

We hope this Post Easter update find all our parents and their families well. We have outlined in our latest newsletter how we will be continuing to provide ongoing learning materials for students. There is also some important news for year 9 students who have not completed ‘Options’ forms.

We will be aiming in the next week to contact as many families and students as possible to see if there is any help we can offer in relation to supporting learning.

Kind Regards


Free School Meals Information

We have passed on the details of those students who are in receipt of FSM to who are managing the voucher scheme on behalf of central government. If we have your email address recorded you should be getting an email from Edenred this week concerning the issuing of vouchers, if we do not have your email address recorded please get in touch via

If your child is not in receipt of FSM but you think you might qualify you can apply by following this link  


Year 9 Option Choices

Posted 15/04/2020 12:20

Posted 09/04/2020 14:20

Dear Parent/Guardian

We do hope that this latest update finds all our students, families and friends well in difficult times.

We hope that students have been able to access the Easter challenges that we have set. The challenges are found on the Academy website not Teams. After Easter new work will be set on Microsoft Teams. Please see the guides on the website below as a refresher on how to access work.

After the Easter break we will be putting a weekly assembly onto the website for each year group. The assemblies will provide further important formation about the week ahead. We will also be continuing to make calls to support parents and students. 

For parents of year 11 I have attached a letter regarding the awarding of examination grades in the summer. We are supporting this with individual calls to students to outline the specific areas of focus in the short term. All schools across the country are waiting for further guidance on exact processes from examination boards. 

If parents have any question or concerns, we will continue to monitor the e-mail support lines on the website throughout the Easter period. The Academy will however we closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday

Kind Regards


Easter Challenge and Parents Newsletter

Posted 03/04/2020 14:00

Posted 03/04/2020 11:45

Dear Parent/Guardian

Normally we would be reflecting on the achievements of the last term and looking forward to an Easter break. As we all know however the current picture if filled with uncertainty and anxiety for so many people. I would like to express my thanks to all of you for the immense support you have shown in the current situation. As I have said to our students in our first virtual assembly today, we should all be rightly proud of the support we have shown friends, family and each other. I would like to offer my special thanks to the Key workers in our society who are making this time so much more manageable in so many different ways. It would be of obvious remiss not to mention the great many NHS staff who are facing daily situations we would hope they never have to face. 

I have today put on our website the first of a new weekly newsletter to parents. this will hopefully place all the key information regarding the Academy in one place for you. In the current newsletter you will find information about how we are setting work, the current picture with year 11 and some links to helpful information.

Over the Easter period please note that students will have 10 challenges to try and complete. Teachers will not be setting the regular weekly work during this period. After Easter we will provide you further information on our new pattern of assemblies, well-being week and how we will be assessing and marking work. 

Once again thank you for your support. I do hope you all stay safe and healthy over this next period.

Kind Regards


Posted 01/04/2020 11:30

Dear Parent/Guardian

I am pleased to advise that we are planning to open as much as possible to the families of key workers during the Easter break. However, to ensure we follow government guidance on working from home, I will not obviously call staff into work when there is no specific requirement.

I am therefore asking Key Worker parents to indicate the days of support they require over the full two week Easter break by emailing Please note after 3pm on Friday we will be unable to add students to the Easter provision.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support that you have given to the Academy and your important wider work during this testing time.

Finally, I would like to inform parents we will be shortly sending out the first of a weekly newsletter, aimed at keeping parents up to date with all the current and relevant academy and national information. I hope that parents will encourage and support the Easter challenges we have set for students.

Kind Regards


Posted 25/03/2020 17:50

Dear Parent/Guardian

Thanks you to all the parents and students who are continuing to follow the government guidance so closely. We will continue to keep parents updated as more information is released nationally. We are also responding to parental requests for ‘log-in’ information by providing video tutorials at the bottom of this page.

Many parents have reported that the information about setting up a home routine has been helpful. This will also be uploaded shortly.

Kind regards,


Posted 23/03/2020 17:15

Dear Parent/Guardian

Thank you to all the parents and students who have e-mailed with questions regarding the work that has been set. We are overwhelmed by the number of people who are already setting positive learning routines at home. 

Please be patient in the first few days – we are aware that Microsoft Teams, Hegarty Maths etc. are all struggling under the pressure of the national demand. Whilst this is out of our direct control, we hope this will improve in the coming days and weeks. Unless urgent, please do not email teachers for the first few days about work until we allow the systems to settle down. The hard packs of work we sent to all students in years 7-10 should be arriving in the post shortly. We have also put some work on the Academy website.

Today we have created a ‘Well-being’ page on the Academy website. One of the elements of this page will be to provide information on ideas, materials and resources that parents could use with students outside of the set Academy work. This will be populated over the next twenty four hours and will be added to as we come across useful information.

Thanks for your patience

Kind regards,


Posted 22/03/2020

As direct result of ongoing communication and direction form the government we would like to emphasise that 

You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. 

If you are able to keep your child at home, you should.

Gavin Williamson
Please note where the Academy has not been informed of a student attending, we will be unable to offer supervision. 

Posted 20/03/2020 17:10

Dear Parent/Guardian

The Academy supervision for Monday is now staffed and we will be unable to take further numbers. Please continue to check the Academy website next week for further updates, information, learning support and ongoing supervision requests.

Kind regards,


Posted 20/03/2020 11:35

Dear Parent/Guardian

Following on from the update yesterday, please note that a list of critical workers and further guidance has been published earlier today by the government.

Parents who believe they fit into one of the categories and require student supervision from the Academy next week must contact us by that by 1 pm today by via 

Please note that guidance suggests that children should stay at home where possible. In these circumstances ‘School’ is seen as a necessity to support Key workers who would be unable to fulfill their role without.

It is also noted that teachers are identified as a critical group. Like the country at large, the Albion workforce is also subject to the same guidance relating to self and enforced isolation. The Academy will remain open as long as possible, however where it not essential for staff to be in work I have asked them to follow government guidance and work from home. It is imperative in these circumstances’ parents who believe they fulfill the ‘key worker’ criteria must identify in advance if they will require support to ensure we have the number of staff to effectively supervise and deliver learning. We will confirm the arrangements for Monday with individual parents/guardians.

As stated previously, your child’s learning is important to us. The letter and guidance on the website provide detail on how this will occur remotely. We will shortly be adding video guides to ensure this happens.

Kind regards,


Posted 19/03/2020 16:10

Dear Parent/Guardian

As many of you are now aware we have now been instructed to close the school to most children on Friday until further notice.

As advised by the government, we will do all we can to stay open for the children of key workers (e.g. NHS staff, police, others in frontline services) and children with social workers and Education, Health and Care Plans.

We are waiting for the government to publish more information on what this means, but it would help us in the meantime if you could let us know if you think your child may fall into one of these categories. I would like to ask parents who believe they fall into the category and contact the Academy no later than 12 Noon on Friday the 20th March via

 We will be in touch again as soon as we are sure whom this does apply to.

All other children will need to stay at home, so we ask that you do not send your child into school from Monday onwards.

Please note that this is a national closure – as you may have heard in the news – so while it is a challenging situation, we are not alone. We will re-open fully as soon as we can and will let you know when this is by email, text, Arbor app and information on the school website.

Your child’s learning is of course important to us, the latest letter, FAQ’s and information on the website will highlight how this will happen in an ongoing manner. Hard Packs have work have been posted to all students in years 7-10 today.

Kind regards,


Posted 18/03/2020 21:50

Dear Parent/Guardian

Following the two momentous announcements today from the government with regard to school closures on Friday and schools to remain open to key workers from Monday, we will be texting, e-mailing and using the Arbor App to communicate with all parents and guardians on once we have more government guidance. 

In particular, can we ask all parents who feel they are likely to fall under the currently unspecified, key workers description, to closely watch their emails, the website Thursday and Friday. This is when we plan to contact you with a means of ascertaining who is a key worker, and will require their children to be in school from Monday next week.

We will be sending this via the Arbor App also (sorry for the belt and braces communication) if you have downloaded this. Thank you for your patience in what are fast changing and unprecedented times.

Kind regards,


Posted 17/03/2020 14:55

Dear Parent/Guardian

As you are aware The Albion Academy has remained fully open until this point and I would like to thank the staff, students, parents and carers for their unrelenting support and understanding at this unique and challenging time.

We have made the decision to close to year groups 9 and 10 for the rest of this week, this will be reviewed at the end of the week, please keep checking back here for the latest information.

Read the full letter here


Executive Principal.

Posted 17/03/2020 08:00

Dear Parent/Guardian

As you are all aware we are faced with a completely unprecedented situation. As you would expect we are following advice from the government, NHS and Public Health England. This advice is being added to on a daily basis and we are monitoring and responding to that as it is published. This official advice will underpin all the actions we take. Currently the academy remains open. 

It is possible that for a period of time, the school will be open but a higher than normal number of staff may be absent. We will do everything we can to remain open but if staff absence does become and issue we may open partially for certain year groups with a priority to keep examination classes in school. However, this would be a last resort. 

This page of the Academy will include a series of guidance documents and links to a series of systems that will operate in the face of any closure. We are currently uploading links to work for students who are at home. If this is an extended period please note that set work will be updated via Microsoft Teams. The guidance will be on this page later today. Please make sure that you check the Website and Twitter regularly for updates.

Whilst I appreciate that there will be a wide range of different views about how we should be responding and what action should be taken, I hope you will appreciate that I am duty bound to follow the official advice from government.” 


Executive Principal.

Coronavirus – COVID-19 Update

We are following the advice of Public Health England (PHE) which can be found on the PHE website:

We continue to emphasise with both staff and pupils the importance of handwashing and hygiene, in line with the guidance about how best to prevent the spread of infection. We are taking opportunities to reinforce these messages regularly and to encourage staff and pupils to wash their hands at regular points throughout the school day.

The Department for Education has launched a new helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687 (Opening hours: 8am to 6pm- Monday to Friday) Email: