The Albion Academy Headteacher Lockdown Newsflash Friday 5th March

Welcome back!

So hopefully with the amount of communication we put out you were fully aware that we brought Year 10 and Year 11 into school today for testing. These two year groups will then arrive on Monday at 08:40 ready for Form Time to begin at 08:45 and follow the ‘normal’ non-covid Week B Timetable.

On the morning of Monday 8th March, we begin to bring Year 7 back into the building for their test and then straight into lessons once their results are known. If you completed our consent form online, you should have a text to confirm the time of the test. The chart to the right also details when each form should arrive for school whether they are testing or not.

On Tuesday we bring back the final two year groups, 8 and 9, back into school for testing and teaching. The chart to the left gives you time slots for when each form should arrive.

Separate to this information each Head of Year has prepared a detailed ‘Return To School’ PowerPoint detailing a reminder of our Ready, Respectful and Safe expectations, uniform requirements and general information about being back in school after such a long period away.

Hopefully you also know that schools must do three supervised tests with children and by the week ending Friday 19th March all three tests should be completed. In terms of Home Test kits, there has been a very recent change in some of the guidance which we want to double check and make sure we understand what is being asked of us and then we will confirm how the Home Testing regime should work, who gives them to who and how you report results once the test is done.

Currently we think that as part of the government requirements in tracking positive, negative and void results for Home Tests we need to help you with a way of recording those results so that we can share information with NHS and give accurate return figures to the DfE, again we just need to make sure that we have understood the current guidance about this properly as it has changed before we confirm with you how our procedure will work.

In terms of our expectations when children are in the building, we always aim for Disruption Free Learning and in all lessons. Every child in the academy has the right to learn in a calm and supportive environment and therefore our young people are expected to be ready to learn, respectful of themselves and others whilst behaving in a safe manner.









































Our uniform expectations are simple and the same as any other Secondary school in Salford, Greater Manchester or further afield.  Please ensure that your child is dressed correctly for school each day so that we do not have to interrupt your busy day.  We have included images of acceptable footwear at the end of this Newsflash and highlighted the most popular styles in a green circle.

In terms of bubbles and zones that remains the same.  Where your child had their lessons before Christmas will continue when we return.

Each morning upon arrival prior to Form Time Years 7, 8 and 9 will be required to line up in their form groups whilst we make sure that they are ready for the day ahead.  A lot of issues can be resolved in the first few minutes; a forgotten pen or pencil, lending a mask, resolving uniform issues.  Children will then enter the building with their Tutor to start their Daily Read activity to boost our reading and language super powers.  Year 10 and 11 will go direct to their form rooms.

Mr J Roberts – Headteacher

Year 9 Options – DEADLINE 12th MARCH

A reminder that our Year 9 Options deadline is on 12th March.  That is only 8 days away.  Then on the 12th we will close the Option Choices document and begin to populate our groups in preparation for creating the timetable ready for September 2021.  DO NOT MISS OUT!  If you have yet to make your choices make them today!

You can find links to the filmed sections here:

You can find the link to the online Options Form here:


If you have any questions or queries related to options then please contact us at school and we will try to resolve any issues you may have or or

Albion Academy Reads – World Book Day

Well what an absolute hoot World Book Day was!  Staff selfies which we will drop into Twitter when they least expect it as a reminder of what a great time we had.

But we need to give a super special mention to our very own basketball star…Mr Bell who took his group to a tropical island…metaphorically, through the power of story-telling, not literally.  He would have to quarantine for 14 days upon his return and I’m not prepared to allow that.

More World Book Day staff selfies are on their way.  Two words…Science Department.

Bedrock Big-Shots

Massive final week of Lockdown well done to the following pupils; Thomas from 7O (again), Salma A in 8A and Amarachi (again) from 9B who have topped the charts in their Year groups for Bedrock.  A fantastic achievement.  A special mention to Thomas K in Year 7 who has topped the leader board out of all pupils in Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9) with another huge score of 240.  Well done Thomas!

Remember hard work pays off and engaging in learning, especially reading and literacy will help you whatever you do.

Year 11 College information:

Have you visited a college (virtually) yet?  If not, why not?  You have a golden opportunity between now and 18th June to get everything in order, work as hard as you possibly can on making sure any assessed work or portfolio pieces are as good as they can be so we can sing your praises to prospective college course leaders, employers or apprentice schemes.

Safeguarding updates – Lockdown Edition

If you are worried or concerned about a child please read the information below.

So in terms of Albion Academy pupils we have a contact email address please title the email SAFEGUARDING CONCERN or alternatively phone the main switchboard 0161 359 6100 and ask to speak to the Safeguarding Team (Mr Feast -Designated Safeguarding Officer, Ms Lawman and Ms Andrews Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officers).

But what if they do not go to the Albion and you don’t know which school they go to?  Well, Salford Council has some excellent advice and guidance on what you should do and how you can go about reporting something that does not look or sound right.

This link will take you directly to the worried about a child site on the council website:

Last time, we gave you a reminder about Fake News mainly because there had been a lot of what I can only describe as factually incorrect information floating about Facebook/Instagram in relation to testing and vaccines.  This week is about Signal. 

Signal is a multimedia messaging service (previously known as TextSecure) that provides secure chats between users. It is encrypted, so any intercepted communication cannot be read by attackers. Users can send one-to-one messages or set up group chats. The service is free, has no adverts and doesn’t track users’ location like many other messaging platforms. The app experienced a popularity boom in early 2021 as large numbers of users left WhatsApp over perceived privacy issues.

Looking after our parents and carers

Parents and carers a weekly reminder that you are not on your own dealing with this.  This period of time can be really frustrating for you and we appreciate that you could be experiencing a number of stresses at home; unknowns about work, possible money issues, juggling home education.  If you are struggling in any way and you just want to talk things through let us know, either myself or someone you might already have a familiar relationship with at school will talk with you, if we can help or sign post you to somewhere or someone else that can we will.  You are not on your own.  We are right here with you. You can email us at or please title your email ‘Help and Support’.

Need to talk? A reminder of services available to support mental health.

Mel, the counsellor at the Albion is available Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am and 3pm. If a learner requires support, they can self-refer via the following link: 

Counselling appointments will then be arranged.

The external services below are also recommended for use outside of the school’s working hours.

The Mix

Offers a mix of support and interventions that support young people under the age of 25. The following services are available

– helplines – via phone or email

– crisis support – via text

42nd Street

Offers a range of services and interventions for those in the Greater Manchester region

– Online support via chat rooms and live text chat

– 1:1 chat support

– Counselling service

– CBT intervention


Offers a range of services and interventions

– 1:1 chat support

– Counselling service


Offers a free text service that specialises in the following

– Depression – Anxiety – Abuse – Panic attacks – Suicidal thoughts – Self – Harm – Relationship problems – Bullying

Covid support payments

If you have been isolating due to a positive covid result or you have been identified as a close contact remember you can apply for a £500 test and trace support payment.  This link will take you to the government site from there you will be asked to input YOUR postcode.  If you are a Salford resident you can go directly to this website,support%20payment%20of%20%C2%A350

If you are a Manchester resident the government website should direct you to Manchester City Coucil covid payment support page which can be found here:

Important Dates

Next week 8th March is WEEK B

8th March Yr 10 and 11 on site, Yr 7 staggered across the morning for testing – Independent remote learning for children not on site.

9th March Yr 8 and 9 staggered testing, all other pupils on-site learning – last lot of independent remote learning for those with late appointments

12th March Year 9 Options DEADLINE

26th March INSET day

1st April Yr 10 Parents Evening – Wrong date publicised, we will re-publish

Easter Break Thursday 1st April – Monday 19th April.

Tuesday 20th April start of Summer Term

Social media

Reminder that each day during this lockdown we have a Daily Briefing for pupils and parents keeping you as up to date as we can on information about school, education and how we can support each other.  Our last Lockdown Daily Briefing was published this morning.

The full playlist can be found by clicking on this link:

Acceptable school footwear for boys and girls

Shoes highlighted in a green circle are particularly popular styles worn by nearly all pupils