Modern Foreign Languages

At The Albion Academy, we aim to promote languages and believe that learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides and opening to other cultures.

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  • adopt highly effective classroom methods based on effective peer observations and educational research, such as Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction, to deliver the curriculum to the highest standard. 

  • review the schemes of learning regularly to ensure teaching is relevant and challenging. 

  • present students with opportunities to master the four skills of Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing, which will enable them to learn and work from memory, ensuring that they are best equipped to meet the demands of the GCSE. 

  • give students the knowledge, understanding and skills to progress onto the next stage of their education or employment, regardless of their prior achievement, background or ethnicity. 

  • challenge the view that learning a language is not important or necessary by providing students with opportunities to use their language skills and bring the language to life through school trips abroad. 

  • celebrate diversity and difference by celebrating European Day of Languages across the school. 

  • provide students with a variety of engaging enrichment opportunities both inside and outside of the school such as trips to the cinema, local universities and lunch time clubs to encourage students to become accountable citizens who can make a positive contribution to the local community.