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Salford Young Carers

Statement from the Principal

“The most important thing the academy does for its young carers is allow them to be students, like any other – but with the absolute recognition and understanding that there are some ways in which we can support them to make the most of that opportunity to study and to be an equal member of the community. There is a young carers’ network facilitated here by the students themselves, key members of staff and our partner agencies which is part of allowing the sharing of problems, coping strategies and successes but also part of providing a supportive peer group. The academy also has a deeply held set of values that allow every student the right to bespoke support when they need it – so things like catch up sessions, mentoring, and counselling are available. After school clubs, lunchtime and breakfast clubs, holiday and weekend activities are run and made available in a flexible way so that rigid time commitments can be worked around for those who need to be at home straight from school for example.”

“By approaching young carers as individuals – but with some shared experiences and needs – we are able to both support them as young carers and also treat them as we would any other young person, a tricky balance but a crucial one if we are to give them the best educational experience we can. There are support strategies in place for all students, so no-one is overtly “different” because they need some tailored extra input –- and lots of groups have a range of specialist opportunities; for young carers in particular, the identified key staff member as a central point of contact means they can choose to have as much or as little “extra” as they want without slipping beneath our radar – so we can also step in if we think a bit more is necessary.”

The Albion Academy support all Young Carers to raise attendance, attainment and wellbeing.

Young Carers are children and young people under 18 who provide or intend to provide care for another person then can experience particular challenges and demands that impact on their capacity to enjoy and achieve at school. They often take on practical/or emotional caring responsibilities that would normally be expected by an adult.

Salford Young Carers service work closely with students and staff in the Albion Academy and students also take part in activities/trips/groups outside of school offering vital emotional support allowing young people to be young people rather than young adults.

If you would like any further information regarding Young Carers in the Albion Academy please contact Mrs Lawman or alternatively Salford Young Carers Service on 0161 833 0217

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