Our students have the option to take a BTEC in Dance at KS4. This course runs throughout Years 10 and 11, and involves the following components.

Exploring the Performing Arts

Learners develop their understanding of performing arts through dance by examining practitioners' work and the processes used to create performance. This unit is delivered with theory as well as practical lessons. It is internally assessed from PowerPoint presentations, teacher observations and workshop recordings.

Developing skills and Techniques in Performing Arts

Learners develop their performing arts' skills and techniques through reproduction of dance repertoire as a performer or designer. This unit is delivered through dance workshops which explore styles of dance practically, practising and refining skills and techniques through a rehearsal and development process. This unit is internally assessed using workshop recordings, teacher observations, a workshop performance and a written logbook.

Responding to a brief

Learners will be given the opportunity to work as part of a group to contribute to a workshop performance, either as a performer or a designer, in response to a given brief and stimulus. This unit is delivered through a mix of practical and theory sessions. During these sessions learners will: understand how to respond to a brief; demonstrate how to select and develop skills that are needed to realise the creative ideas in response to a brief; work effectively with others; communicate ideas through performance; and reflect on the process. This unit is externally assessed from a performance recording and a written log.