Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe

Here are a collection of websites and resources to help keep children safe.

You can contact Childline about anything. Whatever your worry, it's better out than in. They are there to support you.
UK Safer Internet Centre
You don’t need to be an expert on the internet to help your child stay safe online. Our advice and resources can help you support your child to use the internet safely, responsibly and positively.
The Mix
The Mix can assist with any challenges you are facing, talk via the online community, on social media, and through the free confidential helpline or our counselling service.
Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline.
Everything we do protects children today and prevents abuse tomorrow, to transform society for every childhood.
Parent Info
A collaboration between Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP. Support and guidance for parents from leading experts and organisations.
London Grid for Learning
Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online.
Net Aware
Support from the NSPCC, helping parents and carers keep children safe online.
Internet Matters
Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online.
Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online? Make a report to one of CEOP’s Child Protection Officers.
Salford City Council
If you are worried about the welfare or safety of a child it is very important that you contact the right services.

Operation Encompass

Our school is part of a project that is run between Salford Local Authority, schools and Greater Manchester Police. The project is called Operation Encompass and has been designed to provide early reporting of any domestic abuse incidents which occur outside school and might have an impact on a child in school. This is communicated through a secure email to school following an incident.

The project ensures that at least one member of the school staff, known as the Key Adult, is available to liaise with children’s services and the police and to use the information that has been shared in confidence.

In this way, we aim to support each child who has been involved in, or witnessed, a domestic abuse incident.

If they receive an Encompass notification, the school will make sure that a person the child trusts is available to help – if the child needs this. Most of the time, this support is silent; keeping a careful eye on him or her and making sure the child has a positive day in school. The confidential information is ordinarily not shared with all staff, just an agreement on how to help, if needed.

All schools have a duty to share any information with other organisations if they feel a child is at risk of being hurt. The Key Adult(s) may contact other organisations.

The Key Adults at The Albion Academy are Mrs F Waheed and Mrs M Lawman

Click here to find out more about Operation Encompass